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KB Home advertises built to order new homes but we like to refer to it as "piece of sh** to order". We created this website because we think KB Homes quality, warranty service and customer service sucks. We feel we had been extremely forgiving homeowners only expecting a couple of our KB Homes warranty issues to be resolved out of a long list of problems and quality issues we could have complained about. Our first KB Homes Warranty experience was after we noticed our vinyl floor appeared to have some bubbling due to a slab crack. KB Home had sent someone out who tried to tell us it was normal and refused to open the floor. Then we were told by a KB Homes Manager they flat out refuse to pull any carpet if the crack went underneath, which we believe is warranty fraud.

KB Home later attempted to repair our downstairs ceiling 3 times even replacing all of the drywall with their best crew. We had to live in our bedroom for weeks while breathing so much joint compound put on the ceiling that we became sick and suffered bloody noses. The worst part is that it was all for nothing because KB Home left us stuck with ceiling issues. KB Home put our family and baby through a nightmare, ruined our Holidays, turned our lives upside down and doesn't seem to care. Our new KB Home also has ceiling issues developing upstairs. In addition to this we have a slab crack running from one side of the home to the other. Our new KB Homes piece of sh** to order features include ceilings that develop bumps and ripples KB Home couldn't properly repair in addition to a cracked slab.

Buying a new KB Home turned into an extremely frustrating, miserable experience! We feel we only get constant runaround and that KB Home plays games and treats homeowners like they're stupid or blind. When we could get KB Home to agree to warranty repairs of any significance, we got shoddy repairs. KB Home claimed to have an industry leading warranty but we think it's industry leading warranty fraud! We believe KB Home uses deceptive marketing, claiming quality and warranty for piece of mind. It appears KB Homes has had more websites against it than any new home builder. We believe KB Home violates an FTC Consent Order regarding deceptive practices and not making proper warranty repairs. We believe KB Home is responsible for lowering industry standards, building defective new homes with quality issues and poor warranty service. We think that KB Home is an arrogant, deceptive, unethical new homebuilder that has forced many homeowners to live in substandard homes or foreclose and doesn't care!



Krapman & Broad Piece of Sh** To Order Experience

The Krapman Broad Piece of Sh** to Order Experience is a unique experience where homeowners can share unique features in their KB Homes such as code violations, structural issues, cracked slabs, missing insulation, water infiltration, mold and more!


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Seriously, why does KB Home have to suck so bad?

How many warranty claims, lawsuits and websites could have been prevented? How many pissed off homeowners does it take? Why does it seem KB Home would rather waste a ridiculous amount of time and money fighting homeowners instead of simply preventing and properly resolving issues in the first place? People who buy KB Homes are the reason you're in business so don't screw us!


KB Homes Sold With Defects!         KB Home Destroyed Her Life!



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KB Home Sucks advice to Homebuyers

We would never recommend buying a KB Home. We aren't the only ones left stuck with problems and defects and think KB Homes Warranty is a joke! The simplest advice is do not get caught up in the whole new home buying experience! If you are in the process of buying a new home, keep looking for problems and defects, hire your own inspector and take photos of all construction. Take photos of every problem and defect you find even if you think the builder is going to take care of the issue so you have evidence. Do not assume that these problems cannot happen to you since some issues can take years to develop!


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